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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If after browsing through the section, you still have a question, click the contact link above, and one of the team will be happy to assist further.


Our programs are designed to help you achieve three key goals.

1. To experience life and culture in a new city.
2. To gain valuable work experience within the fashion industry.
3. To build and develop your personal and professional fashion industry network.
Our approach to internships is unique, as we put both the host business AND the intern at the heart of every decision we make.

Using a data-led approach to matching interns with host businesses, we employ a unique algo-matching system which compares over 200 pieces of data we collect about your program and career aims, and matches them with host brands and businesses from within our database of over 2,000 of the industry's best fashion industry brands, designers, and companies.

This technology is unique to our business and ensures that not only are you matched with the business that best matches your requirements, but that the host business is matched with the best candidate for their profile and business goals.
The majority of internships are not paid as in most cases the host business is creating a role specifically to accommodate you. In some cases internships are paid, and while this is actively encouraged, our focus is on the experience rather than what you can earn.

To earn an income during your program many of our students take weekend or part-time jobs. 
We advise you to apply as early as possible, as demand for places is consistently high throughout the year, with demand peaking in the run-up to the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer Fashion Week events.
Host companies are typically confirmed within 2/3 weeks of your application being accepted, however during peak periods this can vary, and placements can be confirmed as late as 7-days before the program start date, dependant on your date of application, and host company availability.
We have relationships with language schools and housing providers in all of our program destinations, and are happy to advise, assist and book these on your behalf.

To be eligible for our programs you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Have a genuine passion for the fashion industry.
2. Legally able to remain in your host country for the duration of your program,
2a. Where a visa is required, be able to secure one prior to the start of your program.
3. Be over the age of 18 on the program start date.
4. PLEASE NOTE – Applicants do not require a fashion-related educational or work background to apply.

Program Fees are paid by applicants to cover the cost of delivering our services, and go towards the building and organisation of the placement with an industry partner, and a full range of support services, designed to ensure your experience goes without a hitch. For further program pricing information, and to find out what is included in the program fees, please click here – Program Fees.

A ££500.00 / $600.00, program deposit is due within 3 days of signing the Fashion Week Internship Program Agreement, which is shared if your application is successful after your telephone interview with one of our program managers. For programs of 20-weeks or more, the program deposit is £800.00 / $1,000.00 .

The program balance is due once we receive a written internship offer for you in writing, from one of the partners that you have been matched with. Where the program start date is less than 45 days from the date of signing the Internship Agreement, the full program fee will be due within seven days of signing the Internship Agreement
     Our Refund and Cancellation policy has been summarised below.
If you decide to withdraw from the Program voluntarily, you will lose your Initial Deposit.
If you withdraw from the Program after your Program Manager has secured a written offer from one of our partners on your behalf, you will lose your Initial Deposit and any Program Balance that has been paid.
If we have to cancel your participation in the Program, prior to your Commencement Date, a full refund of the Program Fee including your Initial Deposit will be returned to you.
The full version of our full Terms and Conditions can be found in our Internship Agreement.

For a full description of what is included in your program, visit the Program Fees page.

We are happy to advise on your best available flight options, and in some cases have relationships that allow us to secure preferential flight pricing. Flight costs are not included in the Program Fee. 

We have direct relationships with accommodation providers in all of our program destinations, and are happy to advise, assist and book these on your behalf. Accommodation costs are not included in the Program Fee. 

We actively encourage all students to take the safest form of transport to their local accommodation upon arrival which typically means a taxi, and are happy to advise pricing, and make bookings on your behalf.

If you are unsure as to whether you will require a visa to travel to your preferred destination, please contact your local consulate for further details.

We can advise applicants how to secure visas to allow them to intern overseas, and in instances where the host company cannot act as sponsor, have relationships with third party visa sponsors, that might be able to assist.

As part of your pre-departure preparation and support, we will discuss everything that we recommend you take with you, in addition to providing a checklist of typical items to consider, alongside a list of things to consider before you travel to your host destination, including information on keeping in touch with family, getting around the city, staying safe, and more.

We recommend that you book your flight once your host company has been confirmed to you in writing by your Program Manager.
We recommend taking out a travel insurance policy that will cover the cost of any healthcare that you might need during your stay, including the replacement cost of valuables/travel documents/luggage, and any repatriation costs.
We are happy to recommend a suitable policy provider.

We have direct relationships with accommodation providers in all of our program destinations, and are happy to advise on costs, and book these on your behalf.

Due to the finite number of top tier businesses that offer internships, we are forced to limit the number of applicants that we can accept onto our programs annually, hence the need to apply early to give yourself the best chance of securing your place.
We can normally confirm a placement with a host company within 3-4 weeks of program purchase, however during peak times this time frame may shift.
The Internship Agreement is a contract between the applicant (You), and us.

The agreement sets out our responsibilities, obligations, and commitments to you, what you can expect to receive from us and when, and also details your responsibilities and obligations.

The Internship Agreement is signed once the applicant is accepted on the program.
The majority of internships are not paid as in most cases the host business is creating a role specifically to accommodate you.

In some cases internships are paid, and while this is actively encouraged, our focus is on the experience rather than what you can earn.

To earn an income during your program many of our interns take weekend or part-time jobs.
Host companies are not directly chosen by the applicant, however your Program Manager will work with you to identify your internship goals, and place you with most suitable host company based on a range of factors including company availability, your skillset and experience, and your internship focus.
Working hours vary based on the partner that you intern with, and are open for you to decide, giving you the opportuntiy to choose to gain as much experience as you like during your experience.

Tailoring hours to allow for study abroad, work, language course, or other commitments is entirely possible, and should be discussed with your program manager during the telephone interview.
Business attire and dress codes vary from country to country.
For full details about what to wear, please consult your program manager.
It is possible to earn course credit from participation in an FWI program, and the Program Team is experienced at tailoring programs to meet individual college requirements to allow for students to earn credit.

To determine initial eligibility, talk to your course leader, or visit the international office on campus.
Preparing interns for their internship is an integral part of the FWI experience, and we provide pre-departure support and advice on what to take, what to expect from your destination and the work environment, giving you the confidence and tools to fully enjoy your FWI journey.

Whilst 'on placement', our local coordinators are available to deliver support and advice 24 hours a day, helping to answer any questions that you have about your host company, program destination, or anything else.
If you do not wish to continue your internship within your original host company (for any reason), you must contact your Program Manager as soon as possible so that they can provide suitable advice and assistance.

If they are unable to resolve the issue themselves, we will work with you to determine a suitable remedy, which might include changing host company.
We do not offer a formal events program as we have found that the majority of interns prefer the flexibility of being able to manage their own free time.

Your Welcome Pack provides information and discounts to a number of local attractions and restaurants, and your local coordinator can also advise on where to go, and what to do.
We can build and deliver tailored programs for groups of between 5 and 15 interns.
Contact us for further details.

All of the internships offer valuable sector based experience.
Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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